All you Can Eat Chicken With These Tasty PUBG Tips for Xbox One

Who doesn’t love a good chicken dinner?

Fill your belly with these awesome PUBG tips


How bout’ that fly-in…

Picking a good spot to land is critical to setting the tone for the whole game. Picking a good loot spot where you can loot free from worry of getting killed by other players is what we’re all striving for. Ideally in a spot somewhere in the circle of play that yields some good stuff to pick up and a backpack to put it all in. You’ll know when you find a good spot. Remember that the areas that tend to have the highest traffic are the areas that underneath the flight path of the plane. If you find yourself dying quickly in PUBG, try to pick a spot a little further from the fly in line and float away a bit. It’s much less likely that you’ll run into someone instantly.

Where to find good stuff

This map that we found on gameplay tips is a sweet visual guide to refer the best places to loot, loot quality, vehicle spawns, and more. You can also check out this interactive version of the map on

Hold your breath while aiming in a firefight

For those who aren’t aware, you can use LB to hold your breath while aiming. It is my favorite tip for better aim and more kills. You’ll shoot more accurate shots and even get that extra bit of zoom when you need it.

Supply Drops

To get or not to get? Hmm…

They draw a lot of attention and are a death trap the majority of the time, but thoughts of ghillie suits, 15x scopes and M249’s are exciting af so the temptation is understandable.

Typically, the stars have to align for me to consider going for a supply drop when I’m trying to win dinners. So what is the best approach? Let’s vote on it.

Gear up for protection (fashion is optional but not necessary)

The only clothing items that will provide you with an advantage by picking up are the helmet and the vest. We won’t blame you for picking up clothes to make a fashion statement. It probably won’t ever hurt you to do so. You know what they say…look good, feel good, play good.


Don’t sleep on the frying pan

Seriously. It can potentially save your life. When you’re running away from an enemy, bullets can actually bounce off the frying pan leaving you untouched. It’s also the most lethal of all of the melee weapons in terms of damage dealt if you find yourself in a real pinch. If you want to get really fancy with it, you can also use the pan to bat away incoming grenades. You’ll probably never be in that situation where it is even something you’d think to do, but if you pull it off we’d give you some serious style points for sure.

Stop letting the play zone kill you

I wonder what it feels like to slowly die by a blue circle? Is it like an annoyingly dull ache or perhaps a progressively intensifying sunburn? Idk. What I do know is that if you want more chicken dinners in your PUBG life that you need to stop dying by it. Sometimes it’s pretty much impossible to avoid as we all know. As long as you have a decent amount of health you’re going to be okay for the first few cycles, but it’ll catch up to you. Fighting it the entire game will at least cost you health that you’re going to want later in the match. That brings us to the next tip, which is the number one reason for succumbing to the play zone.


Most of us are guilty of this one. Looting is just too much freakin’ fun. It’s like a big scavenger hunt, and it’s addicting. Does anyone have a level 3 backpack? Even with the smoothest guns and attachments, you can always do better right? Maybe, but it might be better to use the time from a good loot sesh to get to a good place on the map. Nothing will make you quit faster than having a spectacular set up and realizing there’s no way you’re making it to that circle. I had 5 medkits how is this even possible?! And where the hell is a car when you need one?

Remember, you can always just use the crappy weapons that you do have to take out enemies, and just loot their stuff. You could loot an entire village in one crate potentially! This is a great tactic to dabble with especially if you’re known to catch some bodies on PUBG.

Put away weapons when running. (run 6% faster)

Need to get to that circle or make a quick getaway? Hold the y button on your Xbox controller to put your guns away and take off in a sprint. You can run noticeably faster if you’re not carrying a gun. It might just be that extra little boost you need to survive. And if you’ve played PUBG more than twice you know there are those vehicle-less games where you for days, months even.

Freerunning with RB

Holding the right bumper on Xbox will allow you to look all around you for other players. You can use this while you’re running or driving to check behind you while still going the same direction. It’s exceptionally good for staying hidden and looking for danger around corners.

Loot with the start button for more efficient looting

It took awhile to become effective at, but looting from the inventory screen is the smoothest way to up your loot game. The point and aim strategy is just not as fast and items can be overlooked easier as well. With the press of one button, you can walk over an entire cluster of items and easily pick and choose what you want to pick up. You can also drop unwanted items from your inventory to make more space, switch out guns, and quickly equip weapon attachments.

Let your guns dictate how you should play

To survive longer in PUBG it helps if you can quickly adapt to the situation and work with what you’ve got instead of making a risky move for the chance to find something slightly better. You can win with anything. It’s one of the many reasons why it’s one of the most frustratingly fun games today.

Now, let’s talk gun strategy. If you’re really good you’ll learn to adopt different strategies for your selection of guns. Let’s say you have a shotgun and a micro uzi for your weapons. Try to hold up in buildings somewhere as close to the center of the play zone that you can find. Hideout and wait for people to die off while also controlling the location of the battle. Since they are better at short range, you’ll have the upper hand.

For snipers and scoped weapons, it’s exactly the opposite. It tends to work best when snipers stick to the outskirts of the white circle in order to create as much distance as possible. It also helps to stick to the higher ground with plenty of stuff to hide behind. Survive and advance.

Find weapon attachments (easier said than done)

While you’re busy looting away it helps to know what to pick up and what to pass up. The obvious things are guns, health, grenades, ammo, etc. What about weapon attachments? The two most helpful attachments that really give you an advantage is a scope (preferably a 4x or 8x scope) and a suppressor. Being able to pick off enemies in PUBG from a distance and without being heard/spotted is a fast track to more kills and more wins. You should equip every attachment that you find while looting because there really is no such thing as a bad weapon attachment, only better attachments. For example, the quickdraw mag < extended mag < extended quickdraw mag


Grenades can be a deadly asset if you remember to use them in the right situation. The four grenades: stun, smoke, frag, and the molotov cocktail all serve a helpful purpose. Most people pick them up, but the tip here is to make them count. Use them to finish off downed enemies, and in endgame situations when the circle is small. Frag grenades are also great for vehicle destruction and could land you a multi-kill with a single throw.

Time to get vehicular on em’

Vehicles have mixed opinions on their effectiveness. They provide more protection and a fast getaway, but they also stick out like a sore thumb. So what should you do? Jeeps can be amazing for endgame combat situations as they can provide you a little bit of cover in areas that may have none. Bottom line, use vehicles wisely because they can be your best friend or your ultimate demise.

Going prone isn’t as safe as you think…use trees and rocks instead.

You think you’re hidden when you’re prone. This is not the case as often as you might think. Just know that you’ll be pretty safe until someone with a scoped weapon eyes you. Once you’re in that situation your only solace is the other guy having terrible aim.

There are times and places where it’s good to go prone, but especially for endgame purposes, it tends to be better to stick to trees and rocks for cover.

Don’t be afraid to get into the action.

This one is a personal favorite so we saved it for last. This tip will make you better faster than any other tip on this list, and hopefully, allow you to have a little more fun also! Staying on the move and not shying away from the action forces you to engage in battle. You’ll probably die faster and more often. That’s okay dog don’t even trip! You’ll become a beast and start wrecking like the machine you are. You’ll learn to control the situation and find that often time the person who initiates the battle has more control of the battle.

And we also aren’t suggesting you get into every battle that you see either. You’ll learn to pick and choose your battles wisely. The element of surprise baby!


Start trying out new strategies and implement some of these sweet tips and let us know what you think below!

You might even find yourself at the dinner table a little more often…