Epic Golf Gifts for Under $20

TitTees Naked Lady Golf Tees 3″ Plastic Golf Tees and Divot Tool Combo: $8.99

This is a great gift for your buddies for birthdays, holidays, or any occasion. You and your friends will get a good laugh out of this novelty golf tee set! Plus, you can always use more golf tees. The legs on the tees also double as a ball mark repair tool for an added benefit. This is a hilarious gag gift for any golfer with a sense of humor. Coming in at under $10, you can’t go wrong! Who thinks of this stuff, seriously?!



Exploding Golf Ball Pack by Cloud Flite: $11.99

This one is a personal favorite! I promise you that nothing beats watching a buddy think he just hit the tee shot of a lifetime, only for the golf ball to explode into a cloud of powder and disappointment. Have your phones ready to record because you’re going to want this footage. You get 4 exploding golf balls for $11.99. Once you witness just one person’s face after their golf ball explodes, you’ll be glad you made the purchase.

JP Lann Cigar Holder Clip for Golfers: $5.99

Perfect for cigar connoisseurs and avid golfers! This cigar clip easily and securely attaches to your golf cart and any sized golf bag. It firmly but gently holds your cigar for you, keeping the cigar off the ground and dry while you go sink your putt!

Annual Subscription to Golf Magazine: $7.99

Filled with the latest golf news, equipment information, and tips from the pros, a yearly subscription to Golf Magazine is a perfect gift for any golf enthusiast. You get a new magazine delivered every month for the duration of the year of purchase for under $10. It’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole year!

Annual Subscription to Golf Digest (Kindle Version): $5

Similar to Golf Magazine, Golf Digest is another great gift for any golfer that loves to stay informed and improve their game with the latest golf instruction. You get a new issue monthly that is downloaded straight to your Amazon Kindle. If you prefer to go paperless, but still want your annual dosage of golf knowledge, look no further.

Golf Club Brush and Groove Cleaner by Voplop: $11.97

A do know wrong gift for golfers of all ages. This club brush is an excellent choice and a must have for golfers who aren’t already in possession of one. The brush securely fastens to any golf bag for convenient access anytime your face gets a little dirty. Club face that is. (excuse the lame joke)

Callaway Trifold Golf Towel: $8.08

Another must have for any golfer that doesn’t already have a golf towel or two. We golfers take for granted how much we use our golf towels. It’s one of those you don’t know how much you like it until you don’t have one kind of items. So if you or someone that you know is golfing without one, you can get a nice name brand golf towel by Callaway golf for $8 here.

MySack Ball Storage Sack: $16.95

For the golfer with a good sense of humor. We all know that it takes balls to golf, and you’re going to need a good ball sack to go with it. This ball sack will hang ever so nicely from your golf bag and even comes with two balls to fill it in case you’re a little low. You’ll have every one on the course saying “Nice ball sack”!

PrideSports Golf Ball Pick Up: $6.68

For the lazy golfer. The days of bending over to pick up your golf ball are gone with the wind once you equip yourself with one of these game changing accessories. This golf ball pick up tool attaches to the end of your putter to allow for you to easily retrieve it after you grind out that par save, or double bogey save, we won’t judge!

B&F SPDGOLF Golf Shot Glass Drinking Game Set: $12.75

Perfect for the 19th hole! So you had a terrible round that you would rather not talk about to anyone, like ever. We’ve all been there trust me! Forget about all of those bad shots with this fun golf drinking game. Fill up those shot glasses with your drink of choice and watch the memory of those bad shots melt away.

Yellow Dog Design Standard Dog Collar Golf Ball Design: $11.99

For your furry best friend at home, and no we’re not talking about Uncle Greg. Man’s best friend deserves a good gift too, and why not let your four legged companion share in the same interest as you?

Team Golf 3 Pack Golf Chip Ball Markers: $11.11

Great for the avid sports fan. Show off your favorite team with a set of 3 ball markers with your team of choice! Mark your ball with style and let every one at the country club know who’s going to win the championship this year. Perfect for any dedicated sports fan!