Become An Apex Legends Champion: Best Tips and Strategies

Apex Legends is Dominating the Battle Royale niche, and here is how you can dominate it and become an Apex Legends Champion.

So if you’re like me and 25 million other people, chances are you have hopped on the new wave in the gaming industry and downloaded the new free to play Battle Royale, Apex Legends. The game has a ton to offer and a lot of new things that could be a bit confusing to a first time Battle Royale player and even a veteran such as myself. Well have no fear, I’m here to make everything easier for you to understand so you can hop into the battle and feel like a veteran, even if you’ve never played before.

Apex Legends is a bit different from the other Battle Royale games you might be used to. It offers a smaller map than most, with just 60 total players in a single game. (3 man squads) But don’t let the smaller player count fool you, there’s plenty of action to go around, trust me.

Legend Selection:


Whether you are playing with your 2 best friends, or a squad of randoms the very first thing you’ll do before every match is select your “legend” for the game. Right now there’s a total of 8 legends you can choose from, with plenty more planned to be added in the future. Legends range from the aggressive Wraith & Bangalore to the more team-oriented legends such as Lifeline & Bloodhound. Each legend has its pros and cons, so choose wisely!

(Pro Tip)

Only one legend of each allowed on the same team, so try to have a few different characters you like in the event that your go-to character gets selected.


After your team has decided on legends, the game has begun. Like other Battle Royale games, all players will spawn into the map on a “Battle Ship” and teams get to chose their desired landing location. Apex provides a cool feature that no other game has and that is the “jumpmaster”. Each team has a dedicated jumpmaster and he’s who you’ll be following into the map unless you decide to jump solo. It’s best to stay with your team, so I advise going to a similar location as your jump master.

(Pro Tip)

For better chances at finding a gun quickly, pick a POI and separate from your jump master at the last second so you and your team can take full advantage of the area and gather enough loot to defend it as quickly as possible.

Where To Go:

Every area fits somewhere on the “loot tier,” with certain locations more likely to have high-quality gear. You can learn a location’s loot tier by looking under the locations name when you first arrive there. It shows up in the top left portion of your screen. If you are looking for the best gear, consider either the Bunker, SkullTown or The Swamps. These are high tier loot areas, so proceed with caution. If these areas seem busy, your best bet is to look at safe but reliable locations like the Cascades or Hydro Dam. Play it smart. You don’t always have to drop at the best places to have a chance at winning.

The Initial Loot:

This depends on where you land. While flying, you can freely look around to see if any other squads are landing in your area. This can go two different ways. Is it hot or nah?


If you look around and your area is “hot”, be ready to fight! This part of the game can be the best or the worst. From personal experience, it’s best to land near your squad and pick up any weapons you can find, even if it’s not your favorite. The last thing you want to do is die without a gun. That feeling is the worst. Grab whatever you can find and link up with your squadmates to help defend the area. You can always loot the dead bodies for better stuff after the area is clear. Teamwork is crucial, especially in the early stages of the game.


If you don’t see any other squads landing in your area, it’s best to separate a little from your squad and gather as much loot as possible. If there’s no current threat, loot whatever area you’re in and get out as quickly as possible. Remember that sharing is caring. You don’t want to be sitting on 150 unneeded rounds of Heavy Ammo and your partner have 30 rounds with two heavy guns. Communication is key!! (Check Ping System Below) View the complete guide of all Apex Legends guns


If you’re mic shy, Apex Legends has a simple and extremely useful communication system to help you coordinate with teammates. If you press the R1 button on Play Station 4, RB button on Xbox, or the middle mouse button on PC, you can mark a location.

Mid Game:

This is my favorite part of the game, you’ve landed, you’ve killed, you’re looted up. Now it’s time to go. There’s no real right way to play this game, that’s why I love it. If you’re in the safe zone and think you have enough to win the game there’s nothing wrong with holding down an area, or camping in a room with gas chambers set up. But, if you’re like me, you’re bloodthirsty and always think you can improve your loot. Best way to do this? Hunt down other squads, kill them, take their shit. Easier said than done though.

The easiest way to engage in this game is to “3rd Party” someone. This is when you hear two different squads shooting it out and your squad moves in to catch one or both squads off guard. I find this technique the easiest way to eliminate people. Most of the time opposing squads are either not prepared for someone else to flank them or they just got done winning a fight and are weak. This is by far the most effective way of eliminating squads.

Sometimes that doesn’t work though. Sometimes your squad gets ran up on. This is when legend abilities come in handy. Whether its Banglore’s smoke screen, Gibralters air strike or Mirages fakes, they all can help turn a losing firefight into one you win. Learn your legends and all of their abilities. I can’t stress how important this is. I often find players never using their abilities or using them incorrectly and it costing a team a victory. Don’t be afraid to experiment and get used to each legend, because they all have massive advantages if used right.

End Game:

This is the part of the game where your hands start to sweat, your heart starts to beat harder in your chest, and your vision zones in. Haha, ok maybe not for all of us but for some it’s that real!

End game usually consists of 4 or fewer squads. The safe zone is small and the ring is pushing everyone closer together. This is when teamwork and good communication are crucial. it’s a good idea to not stray too far away from your squad because they need you and you need them. Most squads tend to stick to the edge of the safe zone, so keep that in mind. Picking your fights is important. It’s best to not engage until you are certain you can quickly wipe a squad because chances are another squad is going to “3rd Party”. So be prepared and adjust accordingly. If you do happen to find yourself in a 3-way battle, don’t be afraid to have your squad retreat a little to cover and get a better advantage.

This late into the game chances are you’ve caught a couple bodies, your loot is up to par and you’re the whole squad is still alive (thanks to the respawn system)) If you eliminate a squad ONLY grab the essentials from their boxes. Ammo, Better Armor Ect. You don’t want to be caught looting boxes this late in the game.

If it comes down to you and one other squad, knowing where they’re at and where they’re moving is essential. It’s not a bad idea to spread your squad out a little bit in this situation to get the best advantage or flanks on your opponent. Again, communication is key. Stay calm, and don’t panic. Remember to use your legend abilities, your equipment and most importantly your flanks. If your squad can manage to knock down one of the other players, chances are they start to panic. This is the best opportunity to rush them and finish them before they even have a chance at the revive.

The Wrap-Up:

There are many different ways to play Apex Legends and no way is right or wrong. My goal here was to give players a basic overview of the game and how to maybe improve a little more. It all comes with time, practice and patience. Remember, you aren’t going to win every game and the main focus is to just have fun while playing. Learn from your mistakes and grow off of your accomplishments!

Looking forward to seeing all of you legends on the battlefield!!

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