How to Dominate Call of Duty Black Ops 4’s Blackout Mode

With Call of Duty throwing their hat into the battle royale gameplay ring, it comes as no surprise that it was an instant hit. Problem is…you just can’t seem to find the victory circle. Don’t worry, we got you. Follow these steps to up your CoD game and start watching the dubs roll in.

Stop sucking with your wing-suit

When you wing-suit in, you want to nosedive straight down until you reach about 60 m/s and then flatten out. This allows you to pick up speed and fly pretty much anywhere you want on the map with ease.

Pro Tip: You’ll know you’ve done this right when you see the wind trails coming from your wing-suit.

Pay attention to the circle

Pretty self-explanatory here. Try to always stay just one step ahead of the storm, and don’t let it take health from you that could be used later in the match.

Pro Tip: You can outrun the circle for the most part, except for the very first circle closing. Try to stay closer to the short side of the circle when it closes. This way you have more time to scan for enemies and plan out your next move.

Find your go-to spots

Knowing the map has been an essential part of being dominant since the inception of first-person shooters, and Blackout is no different. Find those spots that you love and make those your go-to spots that you know pretty well that you can fall back on when you fall into a funk.

Practice your aim

Don’t be ashamed. Maybe you haven’t had the time to play and practice your shot, but have you ever thought the reason that you might be getting wrecked is that your aim is simply garbage?

Pro Tip: Don’t have garbage aim. Play some multiplayer games to get your feel back, and play around with your sensitivity until you find that sweet spot.

Less of this^^

More of this^^^

Lead your shots

Do you struggle with getting those long-range shots to connect? When shooting from a distance it’s critical that you lead your shots to get hit markers. Try shooting just ahead of the enemy, or where the enemy is going to be and not where they are.

Be selective with your shots

Have some self-control out there. Try to be patient and smart when it comes to picking your battles.

Pro tip: Try to flank more and get in a good position, or wait until the enemy gets within distance before you tip them off.

Find your go-to weapons

Everyone has different preferences and a different play style, and you just have to find one that fits your game. This includes finding your go-to weapons. Try out different guns in blackout or some games of TDM to find out which guns you play best with.

Pro tip: Don’t forget about finding attachments for your weapons to help give you that extra little boost.

Fall Back and flank

Perhaps the most important skill to develop in Blackout is the ability to know when you’re in a sticky situation and being about to get out of that situation, regroup, and get into a better position.

Pro tip: Fall back and run to a safe place, locate your enemy, and outflank their flank.

Only use vehicles when necessary

Vehicles are fun, but vehicles are also the opposite of stealth. When you’re in a vehicle, especially at the end of the match, it’s not going to end well for you most of the time. Try to stick to using them only when you need to get to the circle or make a quick escape.

Pro tip: Use vehicles to get you close to the circle and bail out just before and run into the circle so you don’t attract as much attention.

Utilize these perks more

Dead silence: Best perk in the game. Stockpile as many of these as possible. It’s harder to kill what you can’t hear.

Skulker: Allows you to crouch and move at a faster speed. Use the perk and stay crouched and you basically have yourself a dead silence perk.

Awareness: Amplifies the sound of enemy footsteps so that you can hear them coming from further away. Especially good for the end of games.

Iron Lungs: If you’re sniping, this one is clutch.

Looter: Good for the beginning of games when you’re looting as it allows you to loot more efficiently by letting you see where all the good stuff is.

Outlander: Great for enduring the circle for those times when it’s unavoidable. It allows you to take less damage from the circle while also moving faster.

Don’t spend too much time looting

Looting is fun and easy to get carried away with. Looting for too long can turn bad when time spent looting should be time spent getting to the circle. Don’t loot just to get killed by the circle. Get what you need and get out of there.

Put yourself in good positions at the end of games

Try to plan your moves and pay attention to the circle at the end of the game to make sure that you’ll still have some cover and be in a good spot at the end of the match. Use buildings and the terrain to the best of your advantage. Much harder said than done though…

Thanks for reading!

Now get out there and get some dubs you beautiful bastards.

Have some tips that you think we left out? Leave a comment below and if it’s good we’ll update the list.