The Most Important Tool For Any eBay Seller

Caution: Learning This Feature May Lead to Increased eBay Sales

With almost a decade of selling things on eBay under my belt, I have yet to find another tool as helpful. It’s simple to use, and it’s right there on your eBay app waiting to be utilized. The best part of all of…it’s completely free to use.

Any guesses?

The Sold Listings Feature

Ever heard of it? If not, don’t worry. I’ll go over what it is and how to use it in full detail.

List of Reasons Why It’s Amazing

1. It saves time and time is valuable

2. It lets you see what other items like yours are selling for currently

3. It lets you see how frequently your item sells

4. You can find items similar to yours that have sold and click the “sell on like this” option. (Also a big time saver)

5. It allows resellers to know what price they have to acquire items for in order to make a profit.

6. Knowing the product demand and price levels allow you to sell items quicker, keep more of your money, and avoid products that aren’t selling.

Here’s a Step by Step Guide on How to Use the Sold Listings Feature

Let’s pretend we have a used Xbox one controller that we want to sell on eBay. Notice how efficient and simple this becomes using this feature.

Step 1.

Open eBay and navigate to the search bar.

Step 2.

Type in your item and hit search.

Step 3.

Click the “filter” option in the top right corner. Go through the various options and narrow down the results to find products that match your item and condition.

Step 4.

At the bottom of the filter options, you’ll see the “sold items” button. Click it! (Completed items will automatically turn on as well, and you’ll leave this on)

Step 5.

Filter through the results until you find a product that is identical, or nearly identical to yours. As you’re looking be sure to notice what the items are selling for because this will dictate how much you’ll get for your item.


Step 6.

Click on the sold product that most closely resembles yours. You’ll then see the option to “sell one like this”. Click it.

Step 7.

Complete your listing and be sure to go through and make sure the information is correct and that you’re using your own images and product description.

Step 8.

Hit publish item and sit back and watch those profits roll in like a boss.

Have any cool eBay tips of your own? Leave them in the comments below. Let’s become eBay pros together!

Thanks for reading.

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