The World of Want

Can you buy happiness?

We want new things all the time. We think to ourselves, man I can’t wait until I finally get enough money so that I can buy that Corvette…I will be so happy. And you will. There is no doubt that it feels good to buy cool new stuff, but is it happiness that you’re buying? The answer is NO. Happiness can’t be bought, but pleasure can be bought and pleasure feels great. We all love pleasure, which is why we’re always looking forward to getting the next new thing. Pleasure fills the void of happiness for a short amount of time until you get bored with your new phone or video game, and then it’s back to wanting something else.

Trying to buy happiness is an endless cycle, and eventually, you’re going to run out of money or things to buy. In my own experience, the pinnacle of happiness from buying something new actually lies in the time leading up to the moment when you make the purchase. The anticipation of how awesome your life will be once you get it, and the brief time period after you buy it is where that good feeling seems to lie. We will always want the next new thing if that’s how we find happiness in our lives.

The takeaway

If you take anything from this I hope that it’s that you’ll try to be content with the things that you do have and that it’s okay to buy pleasure as long as it doesn’t put you in a bad spot financially. Take it from someone who has a long history of wanting and buying things: save your money, learn to love what you have, be smart about your purchases, and never put yourself in bad shape long-term for a short-term feeling. You’ll never be fully satisfied if you live in the world of want.


Final thoughts: The new iPhone looks pretty freakin’ sweet though…